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Applied Behavior Analysis

BH3, Inc. works with children and their families using evidence-based, compassionate approaches to build relational, developmental, and cognitive skills.

115 E. Marks St. Orlando, FL. 32803

Speech Therapist

Direct ABA Therapy

Evidence based interventions to reduce problem behaviors and teach communication, toleration, and cooperation.


Social Emotional

Children learn essential skills for well-being including emotion regulation, perspective-taking, and self-care. 


Cognition & Language

Comprehensive intervention to advance cognition and language using the PEAK Relational Training System developed by Dr. Mark Dixon. 

Meet Kristen (she/her)

Kristen Lancaster, M.S., BCBA has more than 10 years of experience providing ABA services and is currently completing a dissertation with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She designs therapy sessions to engage the client and to create an environment in which they feel supported, valued, and respected. This is achieved by prioritizing client preferences and fostering emotional well-being and autonomy with a nurturing, assent-based model.

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Request More Information

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery consultation. 

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