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Social Emotional Learning Path

The following information describes the priorities and content that are covered during ACT-based sessions. Safety is established first with "three rules". Joy is prioritized secondary to safety and is established by incorporating client preferences into therapeutic activities and tasks. These priorities set the foundation for learning how to regulate the body and emotions, which are pre-requisite skills for engaging in values-consistent behavior. 


Three rules for safety:

1. Agree to be honest

2. No punishment for honesty

3. Say 'no' at any time 


1. Play

2. Choice

3. Rewards

Body Regulation


  • Magical Breath

  • Find blue

  • Distract, come back

AND Emotions

  • Aware

  • Name

  • Describe


  • Discoverer

  • Noticer

  • Advisor

  • Values

Perspective Taking

  • Self/Others

  • Here/There

  • Now/Then

Well Being

  • Exercise

  • Eat well

  • Give to others

  • Connect with others

  • Challenge yourself

  • Be Present

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