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Our Story

Arin Donovan (they/them) and Kristen Lancaster (she/her) are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) that met in 2017 at the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis (FABA). With a shared passion for authenticity and connection, they created the Confessions of a Behavior Analyst (CoBA) Facebook group which has grown to over 3,000 behavior analysts and has inspired a movement based on the values of honesty, humility, and kindness. 


In 2018, Arin and Kristen attended the ACT Bootcamp for Behavior Analysts which pushed them to explore their personal and professional values more deeply and launched a collaborative journey to combine their skillset as behavior analysts with their passion to promote cultural change. 


With a commitment to authenticity, cultural humility, and community building, BH3, Inc. offers trainings, workshops, and consultation services to promote gender diversity and affirmation in the workplace, as well as clinical supervision to fellow BCBAs and aspiring students, and ABA services in the Central Florida area.

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