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Equitable Sponsorship

A BH3, Inc. Equity and Values-Based Financial Contribution Program

Interested in being a sponsor? 

What is Equitable Sponsorship?

Our program for financial contribution is in the service of our value of equitable distribution of resources. This is a divergent approach from traditional sponsorship. We are aiming to tap into the kind and compassionate hearts of companies that value fairness over competition. Our program focuses on building a community that includes all organizations and creates space for those who generally cannot afford to sponsor conferences. You will see the BH3 and CoBA values of honesty,  humility, and kindness embedded throughout.

How is it different?

All organizations will be able to afford sponsorship. 

All sponsors receive the same amount of exposure, regardless of financial contribution. 


Advertisement and exposure is dictated by a company’s alignment with CoBACon Values, not by financial contribution.

How is it beneficial?

You have the opportunity to be a part of something completely different that traditional sponsorship!


CoBACon attendees, CoBA Members, BH3, Inc customers, and behavior analysts at large will see your dedication to the field, not by how much you can afford, but by your connection with this unique conference and your value of equity! 


It’s an act of humility. No one will know how much you contributed, only that you sponsored the conference.

What comes with your contribution?

Social Media Recognition: frequent shout outs and personalized posts - option to create personalized video about your company


Conference Ads: Logo on main screen between presentations,  individualized shout outs between presentations


Name/Logo on conference t-shirts


Specialized exposure that is specific to the value you select (see below)

How it works

1. Choose a Tier

Choose a tier based on the size and financial contribution ability of your organization. We ask that you embrace a CoBA Value and "Be Honest" about your financial ability. This is based on the honor system. We do not require anyone to justify their selection with evidence of tax records/statements. We hope everyone will embrace the value of honesty in this process.


Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4


Tier 5


2. Align with a CoBACon Value

Here is where you align with one of the CoBACon Values.

Everything with CoBACon can be aligned with one of these values. Prior to and during the conference, your company will be recognized for everything that falls under value you select. We have provided information about each of these, but as we continue to develop the conference, we may add more under each value. During individualized advertisements on social media and at the conference, you will be able to provide viewers and attendees with you company and why you chose to align with this value.

Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion

  • Scholarships for participants with financial need

  • Lanyards and name tags

  • Buddy system 

  • Accommodations based on advisory board (in progress)

  • LTBTQ+ affirming environment such as gender neutral bathroom and pronouns on badges

  • Fact sheet about equity and accessibility (why this is a priority for the conference, what others can do to further support these values, the types of changes we need to be advocating for when attending other professional events)

Community and Connection

  • Entertainment

  • Network Events

  • Social Events

  • Tattoos

  • Food

  • Photography


  • Coffee & reusable mugs

  • Water & reusable cups

  • Electronic program/app 

  • Efforts to reduce waste 

  • Portable chargers

Innovation and Creativity

  • Live streaming

  • Event space for active and engaged learning opportunities

  • Wi-fi

3. Fill Out Registration Form

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